Iyengar Class - East Finchley

Post date: 13-Oct-2010 22:21:26

A yoga class in East Finchley, specifically aimed at people over 50 and beginners.

The class is on a Wednesday at 9.45 at The Iyengar Yoga Studio. The studio opened 4 years ago and is one of East Finchley's hidden gems, nestled in the side streets of East Finchley, quietly attracting people from all walks of life.

The class on Wednesday morning is geared towards people who have never tried yoga before but may wish to try it, and people in their later years. Lisa Morris, really enjoys working to improve the students' strength, co-ordination, flexibility and stamina. She says ' I myself have felt the benefit of working through my injuries, aches and pains, both physical and emotional through yoga. It helps me to understand some of the ailments that people come to class with. I hope to be able to share the amazing benefits of yoga with everyone, which is why I have specifically tailored this class to over 50s and total beginners.'

"The Wednesday students are so friendly and always meet after class at a local coffee shop to chat and catch up with their news, they are so supportive of each other."

Students love the airy feel of the purpose built yoga studio which is wonderfully equipped with lots of props to help everyone acheive the postures. All the teachers at the studio are trained and experienced to the rigorous Iyengar training level.

Why not come along and try the class for yourself...

The full price will be discounted if you buy a booklet of 10 and a new discount booklet of 5 classes are available for 2012.

Try something new today.