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June 2022

It's been a while since I updated my website, but now the COVID lockdowns are over, the aim is to try and get back to a regular practise.

Having a very difficult Lockdown experience myself, I feel that there has been a big learning curve since March 2020.

My teenage girls are now growing up and have experienced the hardest of times over the past couple of years. Parenting through these challenges has been tough, in my personal experience most parents of teens have experienced difficulties.

Relationships have been tested, we also had some shocks in 2021, my husband was hospitalised with COVID and we had a house fire! Luckily all is ok and there is hope that we will return home very soon!

After all the stress, I have found a better understanding of my own relationships than ever.

I definitely credit yoga practise with maintaining stability of body, breath and as a consequence steadiness of mind.

I have so much gratefulness for the tenacity of my own teachers, continuing to offer online and now in person classes and workshop. It meant I could continue to attend guided practise, which in turn supported my own teaching throughout the past two years.

Injury wise (checkout the last news entry!) my knee has also had a long journey, from non-walking to full ability, I am able now to practise with care and respect to the whole body!

Now there is a new energy in the air, people are returning back to join classes and lovely new people are joining in.

I continue to offer Intermediate classes to those who know the technique, as well as general classes and have added a shorter, beginner option for those who are new to the technique.

Teens are now welcome to join the Thursday afternoon class, with a parent, please enquire about pricing as it is not published yet.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat, or hearing from you

Love and Light,

from Lisa :-)

May 2020

Well for those of you who keep an eye on my Facebook page, you might know that I had an accident at the beginning of April and dislocated the knee and ruptured the inner knee ligament!

However, having seen an amazing physiotherapist (who I'm more than happy to recommend), I am pleased to announce that I am back to teaching online via zoom!

My husband Adam is helping me to demonstrate some of the poses for which I am truly grateful, he has been my yoga partner-in-crime, since I began back in 2000.

I also have the help of my wonderful colleague, Manju Dave, a wonderful Bushey teacher who is also a student and friend.

The other thing I've decided, is to introduce the art of Pranayama. I have called it "Adventures into Pranayama" because it IS an adventure into to the inner world of the mind, the breath and everything!

It's my first formal teaching of this subject and as I don't have to stand up to teach it, the flow is uninterrupted.

I really look forward to seeing you classes and am excited to meet some new students as well.

During lockdown, I have been honored to have students attend from far and wide, including America, India, the New Forest and someone just contacted me to watch a recording in costa Rica!

I am currently offering the opportunity to chat and help set you up step by step for class, this has really worked to give people some assistance, who are unconfident with the online class platform.

I am also offering class recordings at the same price as attending class, if you are known to me.

Please do contact me, if you have any interest at all please don't be shy. I always think that talking is best, but if you prefer not to talk then I'm happy to receive a text as well...

NOTE: March 2020... Keep an eye out for online class options on my Facebook page

during the Coronavirus lockdown.. watch this space!

On 17th March I ran my first "LIVE" online class with some small technical hitches.. but hopefully this will improve as I get used to the technology and feel more comfortable online. A couple of students' feedback so far...

"Thanks Lisa, it was a good experience, a few teething problems that can definitely be resolved. And as you said it’s a great way to stay connected to the group. Even without self-isolating that’s going to be needed. Looking forward to the next one. Stay well everyone. J x "

"Thank you Lisa, it was so kind for you to do this for us tonight, namaste πŸ™"

Classes are running as normal through 2019.

Summer break from July 25th - September 1st Inclusive

All classes back 2nd September 2019.

NO CLASSES - Monday 30th September, Tuesday 8th October, whole week of 14th - 19th October

Xmas dates TBC

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