Good news - March 2013

Post date: 09-Mar-2013 21:00:03

By now many of my students know I have been attempting to train and get the to the next level of qualified teacher status.

So I am delighted to announce that today I managed to pass the exam and I am now a qualified junior intermediate level 1 teacher.

Thanks go to the patint students who have ben very supportive and sending me kind messages and words leading up to the exam. Also I must credit and give thanks to some of the amazing teachers who have helped me on my journey of understanding to enable me to acheive the higher qualification.

Ros Bell, Alaric Newcombe, Uday Bhosale from Pune, Sheila Haswell.

Special thanks to Diana Clifton, who is an inspiration and a joy to spend time with, thank you for welcoming me into your home to learn from you and your amazing husband.

I will never be more gratfeful than to my long term teacher the wonderful Patsy Sparksman. Without Patsy, I would never have had the courage to try and become a yoga teacher, she inspires me still, 13 years on.

In London, we are blessed to have some of the best teachers in the world. These inspiring teachers have all shared their knowledge, time, patience and invaluable guidance. For that I am tremendously grateful.

My wish is to be able to share the gift of yoga to my students in order that they can reap the immeasurable benefits.

Love and light