Student's comments

Some comments from students.. (Initials are used to maintain confidentiality)

You create such a positive atmosphere and are a great teacher

JC, Jan 2016

Thank you for last night, it was great to finally get to you again and to experience your Hideaway.

you have created a very special space there, congratulations!

I look forward to some great experiences there.

DC, Jan 2016

Hi Lisa

Thanks for the lovely classes… and for guiding me..

DD Jan 2015

Hi Lisa,

Your class on Wednesday was really good. ( over 50's and beginner class)

TA Jan 2015

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for a great class yesterday, it really took me to a different place and I could have done with a long snooze afterwards (surprising after back bends, but I just felt cleansed by it somehow). Instead I dozed my way through the school run.

KC. Feb 2015

Hi Lisa

Thank you for today you eased it through very well for me for my first visit

I would like to commit for the next 10 sessions..

Looking forward to seeing you next week

kind regards

DL, Feb 2015


Thanks for a good class Tuesday evening,

Feel so much better today for doing yoga again!

JG, Feb 2015

Let me thank you for your yoga classes....a real gift....hope I can return the good deed sometime!!

P, December 2013

Thankyou for a lovely lesson and for putting up with all my wear and tear. Hips and lower back feel amazing after today's class. I am so grateful you help me so much, as having practised yoga for so long I would find it hard to give up and you are getting me through. Even though I may not be able to do what used to do, I always feel like I have worked my body fully after the lesson.

G, November 2013

Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say that it was a great class as usual today. your attention to posture detail is amazing.

M, November 2013

Thankyou for an inspiring class. Can I find out more about classes/ workshops you might do?

R, September 2013

Dear Lisa

I wanted to tell you I enjoyed your classes very much and hope to have more in the future

Best wishes,

J, 24 July 2012

Dear Lisa

Thank you for a brilliant class this morning!

E, 13 Jul 2012

Hi Lisa,

I came along last week and loved the class, Many thanks.

N, April 2012

Hi Lisa

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for your enthusiasm and compassion over the last six weeks..

Would love to come to your classes more often and will whenever I can

Thanks again, you are an inspiration and so warm and giving!

L, March 2012

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for today’s inspiring class. It was great to discover and feel a few new things in the ‘old’ body. Thanks,

B, Aug 2011


Thanks for a good yoga session last night !

See you soon

J, Nov 2009

Comments from a MENCAP class (2009)

'It was very relaxing and I enjoyed it' Leigh - client

'It was brilliant and I'm looking forward to the next session' - Joyce - volunteer

'Chris really enjoyed the yoga and was over the moon when he came back' - Chris's keyworker

'Colin is unable to join in classes which are open to the public due to his disabilities and this is a great opportunity for him to learn relaxation techniques in a safe enviroment. He enjoyed the yoga and I hope more sessions of Yoga will help ease his muscle tension'. - parent

I enjoyed the yoga. I thought the young lady instructor was excellent with the group. Very kind in her manner and getting the most out of everyone. Talking to a few of the leisure members afterwards they all really enjoyed it - so all in all I think a hit. Maureen - volunteer